It all started in the summer of 2013, at that then we were filming the short film called Identidad, for which we have received various awards in several countries. In one of the meetings, my phone vibrated on the table and a deaf person alerted me that they were calling me. By saying that it was a message, not a call, he asked me how I knew it without even looking and I told him that I had set up a different sound for each notification.

After several years working side by side with deaf people, we realized that there are endless needs to cover and technology can help us solve it.

Hearing people tend to have a sound for each notification, Facebook has a sound, WhatsApp has another or a different ringtone for each contact on the agenda. So we decided to create Visualfy, with this app, deaf people could set up their Smartphone screen so it glows green with three short vibrations when a WhatsApp message is received, or blue with a long vibration when a Facebook notification appears and show it in the entire screen. In addition both the APP and the web are adapted to any means of communication, either subtitles, audio or Sign Language.

On November 5, 2013, we publish on Facebook the presentation of the Visualfy APP that adapts notifications we receive daily on our Smartphones.

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