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See our video tutorials to learn more about Visualfy Home.

Let’s do an unboxing!

Watch an unboxing of our product and see what it contains.

How do I install Visualfy Home?

Learn step-by-step how to connect and configure Visualfy Home so that it alerts you when important sounds are produced.

Configure alerts WITH training

Visualfy Home has two types of alerts, those that need sound recording (with training), and those in which it is not necessary (no training). Let’s begin by seeing how those that need training are configured.

Configure alerts WITHOUT training

Let’s see how the alerts without training are configured (you will not have to record any sound because the sounds are already loaded in the app).

Connect Visualfy Home with Philips Hue smart light-bulbs

Visualfy Home can notify you that a sound is being produced by flashing Philips Hue smart bulbs in the colour you choose. Learn how easily this can done!