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Caixa Popular financing conditions

Finance your Visualfy Home in 8 installments of 65.38 at 0% interest.

● When you are going to pay, select Financing as the payment method.      

● Fill in your personal information and proceed to financing.      

● When the operation is approved by the financial institution, you will receive a confirmation email and we will send your order.      

Information on financing

In the case of purchase financing, VISUALFY fixed price for their products remains the same funding the i A MOUNT of 523 €.

TIN 0% APR 8.49%

● Payment in 8 monthly installments of € 65.38 from the moment of purchase.      

● Opening commission: 3% (€ 15.69)      

● 2% of the benefits of Caixa Popular by the Opening Commission will go to associations and initiatives of people with hearing impairment.      

* Financial offer made by Caixa Popular., And subject to approval. Offer valid for the purchase of Visualfy Home devices.

We want to warn that the financing process is not standard nor is there an agreement with CAIXA POPULAR for which there is a “pre-granted financing” model. The conditions under which CAIXA POPULAR carries out the process of granting the financing require the specific and particular feasibility examination of each application. In these cases, the purchase process will remain the same, although the user will have to mark the option “purchase with financing”.

At that moment, an additional form will be opened with those initial questions that the entity in charge of financing needs to know to open the process and assess the possibility of financing to each user in particular.

In the initial phase VISUALFY will send your request to the financial institution, which will be the one that will assess the suitability of the operation. At no time will VISUALFY be able to decide on these issues, being a mere “transmitter” of our clients’ financing requests.


VISUALFY HOME is currently sold only in Spanish territory and the expenses involved in shipping to the consumer are borne by VISUALFY, so the user will only have to pay the VISUALFY HOME PVP . without having to pay any amount for shipping and handling.

Today, the sale of our equipment outside Spanish territory is not planned, but in exceptional cases where a user outside our borders wants to acquire our devices, he must contact us directly and be informed of the possible shipping costs prior to confirmation of purchase request for the item. In these cases, the purchase process of the device will be managed manually by our team, without having to place orders via the online store directly.

In the case of applying the right of withdrawal (in case of contempt the withdrawal would not operate) the expenses caused by the return of the product will be borne by the user .

Publication date 07/26/2019

Version 3