Purchase and Contracting Conditions



First of all, thank you for the interest in our Visualfy Home device. So far, this device is the first of our family of products, so the purchase process that we detail below is in practice a description of the purchase conditions of our Visualfy Home .

Data register

● To place an order the user must register in advance.      

● When you register as a CLIENT, you create your own account on the WEBSITE, your data is stored securely and you only have to enter it once .      

Shopping basket

● Once you have registered and selected the product you wish to purchase, you will be able to see the total amount of your order, and other additional options (shipping costs, tax details, shipping location, if you want an invoice, etc.). Once you have decided everything, you just have to click on the “buy” button and follow the steps indicated on the screen to process your order. Now, you will enter the purchase process.      

● The entire purchase process is carried out in a “secure environment” This means that all the pages of our online store are encrypted, since we use the SSL cryptographic protocol that makes communications between the server and the client transmit encrypted. Web pages that use this protocol start with https.      

● VISUALFY will confirm to the CLIENT to the email address provided to VISUALFY the order placed at the end of the purchase process, with the corresponding detail.      

Purchasing process

In the purchase process, you must indicate your data if you are not registered as a user of our website and select the payment method. As for the shipping process, expenses and deadlines, it will depend on the order placed (for example, if you want to purchase more than one Visualfy Home) and the place of shipment. By default, VISUALFY uses the shipping options marked on the web. As you have seen, the shipping costs of the purchase are borne by us. Finally you must check the summary of your purchase and accept the conditions of contract and the privacy policy. Until you expressly indicate that you have the legal capacity to purchase the product and that you accept our legal purchase policies and conditions, you will not be able to move forward in the purchase process.

In the forms a first layer of information about our privacy policy will appear visibly , so that you know at all times and without the need for links, what are the main aspects of it. Now, we offer you all the detailed information so that your consent is express, free and informed.


● Products published on the WEBSITE include prices with the corresponding taxes where appropriate.      

● VISUALFY can decide at any given time to carry out promotional campaigns for our product, so that the price of it may vary. The price of the Visualfy Home system in any eventual promotional campaign will be the one indicated in the aforementioned campaign, it will be valid for the time stipulated therein and will be effective if the conditions specified in the campaign are met. We want to specify that VISUALFY does not sell any product at a price of € 0, with 100% discount or at a lower cost, however, in case of price marking errors, due to computer or human failures, VISUALFY reserves the right to cancel prior notice to the customer, orders that may contain products with erroneous prices, at € 0 or 100% discount, or their price is in error at low cost. If you find any error of this type, please notify us to solve it immediately.      

Payment Methods

The available payment methods are as follows:

● 1) virtual POS      

● Virtual POS is a secure payment solution that allows buyers and companies to send and receive money online. Payment is made by credit or debit card, through the portal of the bank that facilitates the POS service and in a secure environment. VISUALFY is not responsible, under any circumstances, for unauthorized use of credit cards or any other payment method admitted through the Site, whether or not they have been denounced by the owner thereof, as long as he is not aware of the fraudulent nature of these activities. VISUALFY does not have access to bank data linked to the means of payment of CUSTOMERS and does not know or record this data during the payment operation without financing.      

● 2) Purchase with financing: VISUALFY wants to facilitate the acquisition of its products, and therefore negotiates the best financing conditions with different banks.      

● To know in detail what the financing conditions are, click on this LINK      


VISUALFY receives the orders and sends the products purchased to the address indicated by the customers.

Today, VISUALFY HOME is marketed in Spain, so these conditions are only applicable to the Spanish market. In the future, the shipping conditions may vary depending on the country where the user who purchases our products resides. At all times we will inform about the conditions and shipping costs of our products, you can check the conditions in which the shipments are carried out in this LINK as well as the possible variations in our policies . 

Terms of delivery .

VISUALFY will inform the CLIENT of the approximate delivery times of the order in the purchase confirmation process. The delivery times assumed by the company with which the shipment of our products has been contracted under normal delivery conditions are 48 to 72 working hours from the day following the receipt of the order.

Delivery times may vary depending on the stock we have at the time of order request. Under normal conditions we will always have Visualfy Home in stock, but in exceptional cases it may be the case of not having enough quantities to meet all the demand. If the product is not in stock or the delivery time is longer than expected or established in your purchase process, an email will be sent indicating this circumstance, giving the option to wait for the estimated time, or that you will be refund the money. The user will receive an SMS from the logistics company notifying the arrival of their order.

Important: Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, will be handled the next working day.

It is up to the CUSTOMER to verify the order at the time of delivery and to carry out at that time all the claims that he deems justified if this were possible and in any case within the deadlines provided by the legislation.

International deliveries.

Today, the sale of our equipment outside Spanish territory is not planned, but in case of receiving any purchase request outside our borders, the user will be informed of the possible shipping costs prior to the possible request for the item order. In these cases, the purchase process of the device will be managed manually by our team, without having to place orders via the online store directly.

Doubts or queries.

If you have questions about any aspect related to the shipping costs and / or delivery and delivery times, you can contact us through our mail: customers@visualfy.com

Images, price and description of the products.

In cases where, due to computer or human errors, there is an error in the images shown, descriptions or prices of the products, and VISUALFY detects said error / s at the time of receipt of the order, during the course of the shipment, or in Upon receipt of the order by the customer, VISUALFY reserves the right to total or partial cancellation of the order, and / or to offer the customer a modification of their order by correcting and correcting the erroneous data by the correct and updated data.


● The CLIENT may freely withdraw from the contract of sale (of the order), without indication of the reasons, within the term of fourteen (14) calendar days following the date of receipt of the product. The date of the receipt evidencing the delivery of the product will serve for the purpose of starting the calculation of the period of fourteen (14) days cited.      

● To exercise their right of withdrawal, the CLIENT must notify the email address customers@visualfy.com, indicating for identification and management purposes the e-mail used for the purchase and the order number. VISUALFY will answer the CLIENT specifying the precise instructions for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. Likewise, the CLIENT may use the model withdrawal form that we make available through the following LINK      

● The CLIENT will bear the expenses and the rest of the procedures associated with the return of the product, which must be packaged and sent safely, so that the returned merchandise arrives in perfect condition. The CLIENT will be responsible for any damage, damage or loss suffered by the product in this process.      

● VISUALFY will reimburse the amount of the product, including shipping costs, but not return, through the same payment method used by the CUSTOMER, whenever possible, for the purchase of the product in the term maximum of FOURTEEN (14) calendar days from the verification of the correct state of the product sent by the CLIENT to VISUALFY      

● You must return or deliver the goods directly or to the address indicated above, without undue delay and, in any case, no later than within 14 calendar days from the date on which you communicate your decision of withdrawal from the contract. The deadline will be considered fulfilled if you return the goods before the deadline has expired.      

● You will only be responsible for the decrease in value of the assets resulting from manipulation other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the assets.      

Additional conditions:

● As an exception, and in accordance with current regulations, the right of withdrawal will not apply to the following products:      

● Products made according to consumer and user specifications or clearly customized.      

● Sealed products that are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and that have been unsealed after delivery.      

● Coupons or vouchers that have already been redeemed      

● VISUALFY will only accept the return of the product when the use of the product has been limited to the mere verification of the good condition of said product by the USER, in accordance with current legislation and provided that it has not been unsealed and / or your registration in the application.      

● VISUALFY will not accept the return of any product that suffers damage attributed to the CLIENT.      

● The return of the product must be made in its original packaging, without any use and in perfect condition, that is, not damaged, used or dirty by the CLIENT, and will be sent to the place indicated by VISUALFY in the instructions sent to the CLIENT . Likewise, the packaging must be fully and completely identified in order to know who the sender is. In case of not being sent under the conditions described in these terms, the good will suffer a depreciation that in any case must be paid by the CLIENT.      

Return due to errors, breakages or product defect. WARRANTY

● In the event that the customer receives an erroneous order, he must notify VISUALFY within a maximum period of 48 hours from the date of delivery (in case of remote shipments) and at the time of delivery of the order in case of receiving it in the facilities of the logistics company. In these cases, and provided that the product is in optimal condition, with its original packaging, without any use and suitable for sale, prior communication with the customer, and after making some internal checks, a courier will be sent to collect the Wrong merchandise and replace it with the correct one (in case of remote shipping). In case of collection in the logistics company facilities this verification phase can be carried out in the act      

● In the event of a VISUALFY error in the preparation of the order, the transport costs for the change will be borne by VISUALFY, in case of customer error at the time of purchase, the customer must pay the cost of the service of transport for change.      

● In the event that the CLIENT has received the product with breaks or defects of the product in such cases, VISUALFY will always request a proof from the buyer in order to determine the damages / defects and be able to act accordingly. You can request photographs of the merchandise / order or request some proof that allows us to verify the facts. Once the verification process is finished, whenever appropriate, a courier will be sent to collect the broken or defective merchandise, and as agreed with the CLIENT, it may or may not be replaced by other merchandise. Shipping costs for the return of damaged merchandise will be paid by VISUALFY. Depending on the country where the operation is to be carried out, you may choose to send a new item directly without picking up the defective one, as long as the company has been able to reliably verify the entity of the damage and its responsibility.      

● In case of doubts / queries with the return policy, please contact us at email clientes@visualfy.com      

● Warranty: The Visualfy Home product has a two-year warranty, as established in the consumer regulations. This warranty applies to possible manufacturing defects that could be evidenced during that period and not to defects arising not attributable to a manufacturing failure, caused by accidents, improper or improper use of the product, or even due to negligence in its use or caused directly voluntarily or involuntarily by the client or by third parties.      

● If you want to exercise the product warranty, you must send us the Visualfy Home system along with a detailed description of the possible factory defect detected. As soon as possible we will contact you to indicate the actions that They will be carried out on the product and set an estimated timeframe for evaluation.      

● If factory failure is detected, we can choose between repair or shipment of a new model, at no cost to you.      

● If no manufacturing failure is observed, a report will be issued indicating the possible reasons for the failure (if they could have been detected) and indicating the costs that the product repair would entail, being it up to the customer to carry it out or not. In case you do not want to pay for your repair, the product will also be returned at no cost to you.      

● The guarantee of the repairs of the products will be the legally established, in these cases, of six months.      


From the moment of the acquisition of the product, the buyer will be responsible for making proper use of the device. Any damage or loss caused by improper use or misuse thereof will be the responsibility of the user, so the company is totally exempt in this regard.

The user has at his disposal a quick start guide (in the device’s own packaging) as well as a user manual published on our website and easily and quickly accessible. The user must follow the instructions, indications or recommendations for use and safety established therein.

The company will not be liable for damages arising from third parties or those caused by chance or improper use of the device.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

VISUALFY is the owner or holder of the rights to the domain name, brands and signs, the application, the Site and the contents, including the texts and images of the WEBSITE or, where appropriate, has sufficient license or authorization for its exploitation, as well as intellectual and industrial property rights on our VISUALFY HOME device, so that any type of action that violates or endangers our legitimate rights will be pursued by the appropriate legal channels.

The products we offer for sale in our shop are 100% original and authentic products.

The images of the products displayed in the shop are completely faithful to the product and represent their original presentation.

If you have doubts about a product because the image does not offer you enough information or quality, please let us know and we will give you an explanation as soon as possible.

If you have doubts about whether any image does not correspond to the product, and you think it could be a mistake, in that case please let us know as well.

Privacy and Cookies

All users agree to comply with the website’s privacy policy in accordance with the provisions of the following section: PRIVACY

Also, this website uses its own and third-party cookies: COOKIES

Update of these Terms and Conditions

VISUALFY will periodically review these general conditions. The modification or addition introduced by VISUALFY will become effective immediately after it is published on the Site. The modifications of these general conditions will not be retroactive, unless the modification itself expressly so provides.

You acknowledge and agree that you will be bound by the terms and conditions applicable to the Site at all times and undertake to execute and comply with them accordingly.

In the event that VISUALFY entrusts the custody of the successive versions of the general conditions to a trusted third party, both parties recognize as the only valid version of said conditions at any time the one recorded in the database of the trusted third party.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction.

These General Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. VISUALFY and the user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of the products or services subject to these General Conditions, to the corresponding Courts and Tribunals according to law.

In the event that the regulations concerning the rights of consumers and users apply, the provisions of the same will apply in terms of jurisdiction and applicable legislation.

You also have the possibility of going to a European arbitration procedure for community consumption. All information is collected in the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng= EN

Publication date 07/26/2019

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