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How we manage your personal data.

Privacy and Security Policy.

The confidence of our users in VISUALFY services depends on our ability to ensure and protect their personal data, either when they visit our website or our application is installed on their mobile device, following the provisions of the European Data Protection Regulation Personal (679/2016), Law 03/2018 of December 5, as well as the rest of the Spanish and community legal system. The following information about our Privacy Policy reflects our commitment to maintain and guarantee secure business relationships by protecting personal data, guaranteeing the right to privacy of each of the users of our services. In this document we explain how we use the personal data of the users of the web portal, of the application.

Definition of Personal Data

As “Personal Data” we must understand any information that identifies or allows to identify a person. Among others, the name, surname, postal and electronic address, as well as the telephone number are included.

Treatments and Purposes of the Data Collected

Any personal information that you provide us when visiting our website or during the provision of the services, will be treated in accordance with the data protection rules and will only be collected, treated and used for lawful, legitimate and informed purposes.

Below we detail all the purposes for which we collect information:

● To be able to register in our mobile application and make use of it.      

● To become a user and obtain information before anyone else about news, events, advantages for users, etc.      

● So you can report suggestions for improvement, both for our application, such as our website, and for the products developed by Visualfy.      

● To be able to report information to our system for a better adjustment of the product when you are a user of it.      

● To be able to send your request for financing of our products to the bank that provides the service, in case you want to acquire it with financing.      

● To meet your request for information or consultation      

From VISUALFY we will inform all users of the optional or mandatory nature of the collection of certain personal data, except in the fields indicated otherwise. However, failure to complete such data may prevent VISUALFY from providing all those services linked to such data, freeing us from any responsibility for the non-provision or incomplete provision of these Services. As established by the GDPR, we have established a system of acceptance of policies based on the purpose for which we require or are provided with the data, so that, in case we want to use a form for more than one purpose We will request your express permission separately.

We will only process personal data in cases where it is necessary to carry out the requested service (respond to your query, purchase of a product, subscription to newsletter ..) or when you give us your express consent for it, unless there is a legitimate interest for its treatment or legal imperative.

It corresponds to the user the obligation to provide the data truthfully and keep them updated, so VISUALFY reserves the right to exclude from the services and proceed to the cancellation of the service to any user who has provided false data, without prejudice to the others. actions that proceed in law. Finally, the user will not include, in those spaces enabled as “free text fields”, any personal data that can be qualified within those data for which a medium or high level of protection is required (by way of enunciative and non-limiting are those data related to ideology, religion, beliefs, union affiliation, health, racial origin and / or sexual life), without prior notice to VISUALFY, as defined by current regulations. Nor can they be used to violate the rights to honor and privacy of third parties. Any information of this type that is provided will be removed.

Do we use information on minors?

VISUALFY services are only for people over 13 years old. In addition, from VISUALFY we strongly recommend that if you are a minor but over 13 years of age, read carefully together with your parents or legal guardians the information contained both in this privacy policy and in the terms and conditions of use so that you send us the appropriate doubts before accepting them.

According to the regulations for the protection of personal data, a person over 13 years of age is able to accept or not the processing of their personal data, although they will not have the legal capacity necessary to carry out acts with legal significance (such as acquiring itself one of our products). Therefore, the purchase is aimed only at people legally able to be bound in a legal business such as the purchase of our products.

Permissions Needed for the Mobile Application to Work

The Visualfy app requires the acceptance by the user of certain permissions, which do not involve the processing of personal data:

The user must complement the reading of the license of use along with this point, since below we detail the permissions that the mobile application needs for its correct operation:

Network communication: This permission is intended to communicate with the VISUALFY server and Google servers to display admobil advertising in the free version of the application.

Storage: This permission is necessary to be able to record in the internal memory of the mobile the essential files to operate the application, such as storing VISUALFY settings.

Telephone calls: This permission allows us to read the ID and phone status to be able to use the Android notification system to, for example, be able to create an alert when there is a missed call. In no case will VISUALFY access or save the call list to contacts in the phonebook.

System tools: This permission deactivates the keypad lock and prevents the phone from entering idle mode and thus being able to display VISUALFY alerts.

Hardware controls: This permission only allows us to make use of the Android vibration system for alerts.

Location: Only the non-detailed and anonymized location data (based on the mobile network and not in GPS position ) will be accessed in order to make analytical studies on the use of the application to improve it and adapt it to the interests of local users. This means that only which mobile repeater is connected will be known, but not the exact location of the device.

The acceptance of these uses by the user does not imply the processing of personal data by Visualfy.

How does the VISUALFY HOME and VISUALFY PLACES device work in relation to personal data?

Our Visualfy Home Visualfy Places devices collect the sounds they capture from their surroundings. That could suggest that they can capture information that identifies or makes a person identifiable (that is, personal data). The algorithm developed by Visualfy allows you to collect the sounds in the user’s own home, and store the essential time to translate that sound and categorize it, so that it detects and translates that sound into a category of sound (crying, alarm, etc).

In addition, this process is carried out in the place where the device is installed, since the equipment incorporates the necessary software to translate those sounds without having to be sent for processing, processing, etc.

This means that the device carries out a process of anonymization of the information it receives, so that it is not possible today to reverse the process and get the sound data again, but only stores categories of sounds and not their own. sounds

TRAINING PHASE: Our DSS Home devices require an initial phase of configuration and training in your home, so that they are able to capture the sounds in the most reliable way possible. This phase is essential for you to obtain adequate device performance. Therefore, during this training phase you can send us those recordings you make to capture those sounds from your home that you want to identify. You will decide the moment of the recording, so that you will have full disposition about the sounds you want to capture and send us to be able to analyze them conveniently. In these cases the information will travel encrypted for total security. It will only be deciphered in our facilities to proceed with its analysis and inclusion in our sound database to improve system reliability. In addition, we will carry out an anonymization procedure in storage to guarantee privacy at all times. During your product registration period in the app we will remind you of this point so that you can confirm that we have read and be aware of the treatment involved in the use of our product .



This phase does involve a differentiated data processing, where Fusiò D’Arts is responsible for the treatment. The purpose is to be able to provide the contracted service linked to the DSS Home product. This treatment is essential for you to adjust your device. In addition, we provide you with all the information about it in advance. The data will not be transferred to third parties.

In the event that, instead of being a customer and you have purchased our device, you are beta-tester, the applicable privacy policy framework will be the specific one that was informed and expressly accepted at the time of accepting to test our products. In what is not included in its corresponding privacy policy, this other will be applied in an extra way, provided that it does not contravene or conflict with the provisions of the specific privacy policy of the tester .


Communication of your Personal Data to Third Parties

The personal data that the company may collect will not be transferred to third parties, except to fulfill the objective for which they were provided, or to comply with our legal obligations. If at any time it is considered convenient to carry out a communication of certain data to third parties, the user would be informed so that he could accept or deny such communication.

For example, the data you provide us through the website or mobile application are hosted on servers of Amazon Web Services, an American company but that has its equipment for the EU in EU countries (Ireland in our case)

This company is subscribed to the EU-USA Privacy Shield agreement, whereby it undertakes to establish security measures similar to those used in the EU. In addition, due to the fact of obtaining and processing data of EU citizens, it is obliged to comply with the GDPR.

You can check its privacy policy and guarantees of GDPR compliance at 

Security of your Personal Data

VISUALFY has a special concern to ensure the security of your personal data. Your data is stored in our information systems, where we have adopted and implemented security, technical and organizational measures, to prevent any loss or unauthorized use by third parties and to adapt to European regulations for the protection of personal data.

The entire data collection process of our website is provided with a security (encryption) system that can be checked by observing that the page is secure in the address bar (a green padlock will be seen followed by https).

Information on the Use of Cookies

For the mere fact of visiting this web portal or using VISUALFY services, no personal data that identifies a User is automatically registered. However, we inform you that “cookies” are used while browsing the Website, small data files that are generated on the user’s computer and that allow us to obtain the following analytical information:

a) The date and time of access to the Web, allowing to know the busiest hours, and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation problems during our peak hours.

b) The number of daily visitors of each section, allowing to know the most successful areas and increase and improve their content, so that users obtain a more satisfactory result and improve the design of the contents.

c) The date and time of the last time the user visited the Website to perform analytical and statistical studies on the use of the website.

d) Security elements involved in the control of access to restricted areas. For more information visit our cookies policy

User Rights

All users can exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification, cancellation and limitation to the processing of data by writing to FUSIÓ D’ARTS TECHNOLOGY, SL, with CIF ESB98369788, and with address at Av. Diputación, 48, Benisanó 46181, Valencia +34 96 202 70 93 or by sending an email to Our data protection officer is Álvaro Orts Ferrer and has been duly registered as such in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Don’t you want to receive information from us or do you want to revoke your consent?

Any user can revoke their consent at any time (without retroactive effect). To do this, you must send an email to the address When you receive commercial information about us by email, you can also object from that email, by clicking on the link included in it and following the instructions provided.

Changes in the Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy may suffer updates, due to changes and legal needs, as well as due to improvements and changes included in the way of offering and providing our services and utilities of the application. Therefore, we recommend that you visit and access our Privacy Policy periodically, to be able to access and know the latest changes that may have been incorporated. In the event that these changes are related to the consent given by the user, in this case an independent and separate notification will be sent. If during the reading you have any doubt or question about our Privacy Policy or want to exercise any right or action related to your personal data, please contact us at the following email address

Publication date 07/26/2019

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